The family of the political prisoner is in critical need of help!

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The family of the political prisoner is in critical need of help!

Postby rsa70 » Tue Sep 28, 2021 11:30 am

Good afternoon, dear forum participants! Please tell me, if there is a very good and urgent reason, is it possible to ask people here on the forum who are not indifferent to someone else's trouble, are responsive and able to help people or personally from you about financial assistance, or perhaps you can tell where to knock on forums and platforms? The fact is that our country, unfortunately, does not have access to crowdfunding platforms(( and the situation is very critical, and we are in very acute and urgent need of help and support. The question concerns the son, he is a political prisoner, today he has been in prison for a year and was sentenced by the illegal authorities to 8 years of imprisonment(( both the family and he are in a very difficult situation... Of course, we can provide information that this is so, and tell you in more detail about the essence of the issue. Thank you, we really hope for the response and responsiveness of sincere and caring people. Sincerely, Svetlana. Please write if someone can help in any way! Thanks!
Below I briefly describe our situation:
Dear people!
We have an emergency situation (the family of a political prisoner from Belarus is in trouble, please help! Https:// ... ndr-reznik
Son Alexander was detained on September 29, 2020 for political reasons. He was illegally sentenced to 8 years in prison.
I am very sorry, I really hope that you will read our story.Your support will be able to change everything for the better, we will not be able to survive without you, and I am writing to ask you for help. Your generosity means a lot to me, because your Contribution will save several people, family members at once and help the political prisoner himself, my son. It is very difficult to ask for help, however, when trouble comes to the house, the state kills the business and takes away our son (, many people and friends disappear from life... and the family is in trouble (there are no forces, funds, money and already time! For us, every new day is a nightmare, but a chance to change everything.
It is at those moments when real good people come to the rescue - faith appears! We will be happy to receive any financial support, more precisely, we need to raise funds, close debts, pay for housing that is taken away by bailiffs (, pay for legal services and many other expenses (unfortunately, all this requires $ 38,000). We believe that there are good people in the world. Thank you, and we hope that your good deed will be the answer to our prayers!
We hope for solidarity and mutual assistance, even a small contribution will help. Write to us if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer.
Please make a donation to Bitcoin: 1D8Ntk42Detu9xAdiGKVTKwzmPsMjLpMFJ or to the card: 4745 0309 0489 2162, valid until 25/08, SVETLANA REZNIK, or to the current account: LT353500010014389062, BIC: EVIULT2VXXX. This will help the family to close debts, pay for housing that is being taken away, pay for the services of a lawyer, send parcels to his son and just survive in this situation, of course, I would like to leave this dysfunctional country after closing the questions, but so far all these unresolved issues are very sick today (((. I ask you to contribute to everything that you want to help achieve my goal. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your cordiality and generosity.
Sincerely, the Reznik family,
Svetlana. ❤️
Perhaps you know where to send my message and who can help, thank you, we really hope for a miracle.

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Postby RTevams » Mon Nov 01, 2021 12:25 pm

I love the site.
When I open the forum up, I always just check the new posts, and work my way from the last page up to the most recent post. I then check for new posts that have come in while I have been reading.

But I have been wondering if you can add the first unread feature to the new posts page?
I know you have the last page link, but I was just wondering if you could put the first unread on the newposts page, just to save me a step. petty gripe I know, its an efficiency thing

Thanks Alex