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Down line Farm is a Downline builder.

A Downline Builder is a marketing system which promotes several affiliate programs all at once, eliminating the need to promote each program separately. It acts as a Portfolio for those programs.

Down line Farm helps you build your referral networks (downlines) In several types of businesses.

We have 4 Downline Builders:

You may sign up to any of the affiliate programs within any of the downline builders, and you can also add

your favorite programs to the downline builder if you are an upgraded member.  Your Downline Farm referrals will see your added programs in their downline builders. Your referrals' downline will also see your added programs, down to Infinate levels deep. 

We have a one-of-a-kind Compensation Plan, found nowhere else on Earth, that has your success built right in as a system function.

This means that if you are an upgraded member you WILL earn from our exclusive Seniority Based Profit Sharing System. Your 

earnings start small, and grow over time. See the Compensation Plan page for details.

We also have our exclusive Community Commission Pool, another innovation of ours, found nowhere else. 

MLM (Network Marketing) companies have compensation plans that make it nearly impossible for the Little Guy to succeed.

To QUALIFY to earn money with them, you have Sales Quotas, Referral Quotas, Volume Quotas, Rank Advancement Qualifiers,

etc. etc. etc...  

The Down line Farm Community Commissions Pool overcomes all of those obstacles. 

Working as a team, with everyone joining the programs from The Community Commissions page,  Downline Farm's affiliate accounts in those companies will achieve the tough, unrealistic qualifications quotas needed to earn commissions in those programs. 

We then share those commissions with you through our profit sharing pool. Downline Farm has NO QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS, other than upgrading to the Gold level. So in effect, what the Community Commission Pool does is take MLM companies with great products and changes their outdated, tired old compensation plans into our revolutionary Seniority Based Profit Sharing Plan. 

Since you will have YOUR OWN account with the Community companies, you will not only earn from Downline Farm's account (if you're upgraded), but you will also earn from your own account. 

We will also work to build YOUR downline in those programs, and while we cannot possibly build Everyone's business, we will do our best to get you referrals.

Downline Farm even teaches you (and your referrals) how to get FREE Traffic to both your DLF account and your referral link to your main programs, including your referral link to the Community  programs you join. 

This training is found in our very own eBook called "Free Biz Promotion", which you can get from your "Downloads" page. It's Free. 

There is also another great system within Downline Farm, and that is the "Money From Nothing" System. It's completely Free, and you can download it from the Downloads page.  Money From Nothing is a business model for people who want to start a home based business but have Absolutely no money at all to invest

Money From Nothing is fully integrated into Downline Farm.  

Yes, it's possible to make money online without spending a single dollar. With "Money From Nothing" your investment is your time and effort.  

There is even a way you can earn money from Downline Farm itself as a free member. The way that happens is that when your referrals upgrade, you earn a 10% matching bonus on THEIR profit sharing, in addition to earning a  10% commission on their Gold subscription.

Our basic membership is free of charge, but we do offer an upgraded Gold membership level. See the

Features Chart below for the benefits of an upgraded Gold membership.

Features Chart


Free Members




$7 Per Month

Add Your Own Programs


2 Programs

Level 1 Commissions



Profit Sharing commissions



Matching Bonus on
direct referrals



Founding Member Status



Free Ad Co-op
We promote your link



Customize Your Programs



Random Referrals
From Admin Sign-ups