MLM (Network Marketing) companies have compensation plans that make it nearly impossible for the Little Guy to succeed.

To QUALIFY to earn money with them, you have Sales Quotas, Referral Quotas, Volume Quotas, Rank Advancement Qualifiers,

etc. etc. etc...  

The Downline Farm Community Commissions Pool, combined with our Seniority-Based compensation plan, overcomes all of those obstacles. 

Working as a team, with everyone joining the programs from THIS PAGE,  Downline Farm's affiliate accounts in those companies will achieve the tough, unrealistic qualifications quotas needed to earn commissions in those programs. 

We then share those commissions with you through our profit sharing pool. Downline Farm has NO QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS, other than upgrading to the Gold level, to earn from the pool. For more details see the "How It Works" page and the "Compensation Plan" page.

Downline Farm will work to put referrals under you in these programs. We cannot promise that we will build you a downline in the programs, but we will work WITH YOU to achieve that. And while we WILL get referrals for some of our members, we cannot possibly build EVERYONE'S downline. 

The good news is that Downline Farm has everything you need to promote and grow your own downlines completely Free. 

Our members have access to the Free Biz Promotion eBook, which includes instructions on how to work the Community Commission Pool. 

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